Saturday, 11 March 2017

Ashley Tisdale a glimmering celebrity

Ashley Tisdale, also known as ash, is the glimmering Hollywood celebrity born on July 2, 1985 in New Jersey. She is not just known for her talent in Hollywood but also for her beauty. Ashley Tisdale has an ideal height of 5’3 and beautiful features further brighten up by her blonde hair. She is an American actress, a producer and a singer who rose to stardom after playing as a Maddie Fitzpatrick in The suite life of Zack series of Disney Channel and in the series of High school Musical films.

Serena Williams Queen Of Court

Serena Williams known as the “Queen of Court” is an American professional tennis player. She is ranked number 1 in women’s single tennis. She won this title six times and finally in 2002 she became the world number 1. She has represented America on many international platforms and has earned many titles. This article brings you the interesting facts about Serena William’s life. The fans out there can get a chance to know more about her as a person that she is.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

John Cena Multi talented star

The Multi John Cena Was born in 1977 April 23rd. HE is not only a wrestler he is also an actor, a reality television Host and a Rapper. He was born in West Newbury, Massachusetts. Her French mother Carol and Italian father Cena Sr. have four more sons. At first he went to Central Catholic High School then joined a private boarding school. He graduated from Cushing Academy.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Gillian Anderson "Dana Scully" from the X files

Gillian Anderson is mostly known for her role in X files. Her name in the series was Dana Scully. She was a special agent at the FBI. Her partner who was assigned to her on the cases of X files.
X files were the cases which was not been able to solve.

Gillian Anderson has many fans around the world, she is very active on her Facebook account and has done a recent series of the X files season nine.

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Gillian Anderson height

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Kate Upton weight size

Today we are going to discuss one of the most hottest star in Hollywood. Guess who it might be? She is a sports Illustrated top model. Ring a bell? Yes!! Its Kate Upton.. She is famous for herfigure and hot looks. Most of the people over the internet search Kate Upton weight and Kate Upton figure size.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Gillian Anderson height details

Gillian Anderson is a famous actress mostly known as Dana Scully. She was born on August 9, 1968. Gillian Anderson is the famous star of the Fox television series, the X-files. Gillian Anderson has played the role of an FBI agent who investigates the paranormal activities.  Gillian Anderson height is 1.60 m.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Katy Perry body photoshoot

Katy Perry body is very famous because of her sensational & attractive posture which she exposes during her performance. The name of this legendary singer does not any kind of introduction because she is among the top 10 famous singers of Hollywood. Her date of birth is 25th of October. She started singing from early childhood and pursued her career towards Gospel Music. In the year of 2001 her first debut album was released. Later on she moved toward LA for practicing secular music.